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Of all the dreaded things when it comes to moving your belongings to a new home, apartment, or business, it is definitely the big, oversized furniture that can be back-breaking and hazardous. From the piano to the L-shaped sofa, to the armory safe, to the kitchen appliances, there are just too many things in your home that require cautious moving skills, muscle, and specialized equipment. Your precious and irreplaceable keepsakes are daunting to handle on your own when it comes time to move.

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Arizona’s Trusted Movers

Moving takes a lot of planning, strength, and patience to be sure. Scottsdale Movers specializes in relocating your tough stuff. Since we consider ourselves to be experts in the art of the stressless move, we bring all the years of experience and the skills to handle any size and scope of job. We have all the tools to move even the biggest pieces of furniture and housewares. When you choose Scottsdale Movers, you are equipped with a winning team to see your move to the end without incident.

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Arizona’s Trusted Appliance Moving Company

When it comes time to move heavy or bulky items such as a refrigerator, washer and dryer, wood-burning stove, or other appliances, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle them. The lines must be drained of water, the unit must not be turned on its side, and you need a hand truck and some strong friends to move these larger pieces. If things like a freezer or refrigerator must be moved, they have to be handled gently and never stored in sub-degree temperatures as they can be damaged in the process.

There is also a correct way to secure these items for transport in the moving truck so as to ensure safety for the journey. Using bungees, ropes, and by placing them up against the walls of the inside of the moving truck, your expensive and oversized appliances can be safely transported to your destination. Finding the right appliance moving company to handle your expensive possessions can be a challenge. Many companies will advertise that they are the best, without having the experience to back up the hype. You can rely on the expertise of Scottsdale Movers to help you relocate all of your most valuable possessions.

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Commercial Furniture Moving Company

At Scottsdale Movers, we know firsthand how expensive and time consuming it can be to relocate your business or office to a new space. Time is money, so it has to be done safely, but quickly enough to get you back up and running before it starts costing you extra money in lost wages and work. That is why we pride ourselves on being the most trusted commercial furniture moving company in the area. We take all the proper precautions while also being expeditious in how we get the job done.

Contact us to discuss your commercial move and we can offer you a quote based on your moving checklist. We’ll help by giving you the best possible prices on commercial moving services. We have flat-rate available packages to meet any business moving need from huge warehouses to small retail stores. No matter what your inventory may be, we can get you moved in no time.

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Specialized Furniture Moving

At Scottsdale Moving Company, we have all the skills and training to be able to cleanly disassemble and relocate even the heaviest and most cumbersome of pieces of furniture. From the outdoor patio furniture to the home spa or sauna, to the grand piano, we can relieve you of the heavy burden of having to move these items on your own. We offer a full range of furniture moving services at an affordable flat rate so you never have to guess how much it will cost to do. When you rely on professional, licensed and insured movers to handle the heavy, tough stuff, you can trust us to get everything to your new home in pristine condition.

Things like hot tubs, pianos, and safes require a lot of preparation to move. They have moving parts, wheels, and machinery that cannot be damaged in the process, so extra care and caution should be taken. We will never use the built-in wheels of the piano to move it. Instead, we will use a commercial hand truck to lift and move it. We can even recommend a company to tune it for you when it gets placed in your new home.

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Full-Service Furniture Moving

You can leave your full-service move to the best movers in Scottsdale area. We offer move-in and move-out packages to meet every occasion. Whether you are moving a business, an entire house, or a small apartment, we can help with every facet of the move from packing to cleaning. We can add on any trips to the storage or multiple drop-offs so that you can get everything done at once. Our flat-rate appliance moving rates are affordable and easy to calculate with no hidden charges at the end.

We can provide you with access to a full moving checklist to help you with organizing and prioritizing your items to be moved. It is our primary goal to relieve you of the stress, burden, and safety worries for your next move. Our fully licensed movers are fit, professional, and very helpful in order to get you moved in or out without struggle or strife. We will always be mindful of your privacy while being friendly and helpful along the way. That is our promise to you.

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Why Choose Scottsdale Movers?

From packing to loading, to unloading and cleaning, we have all the services you might want from your moving company. We are highly trained and skillful when handling oversized items and transporting them. No matter whether you are moving in-town or across the country, we have the ability to serve you to our highest capacity.

From our 5-star reviews to our A-rating with the Better Business Bureau, we have been told time and again that we are some of the best movers in the state. We rely on word of mouth to get new clients, so we are always motivated to be on top of our game for every move. We will always try to exceed your expectations so that know you did the right thing by hiring Scottsdale Movers to handle your relocation.

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Choosing the best movers in the state is easy when you look to us to handle your next move. When you are looking for the most trustworthy, highly skilled professional moving contractors in Scottsdale, Arizona, you can rely on us to take you home with the highest quality of service possible. Contact us right away to hold your important moving date!

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