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No matter how exciting a move may be for you, it is a process that can be arduous, exhausting, and stressful. Whether you are relocating for a new job, school, or to be nearer to a favorite neighborhood or loved one, when it comes time to move from your home to another space, there are so many details to consider and handle. The process is hard enough even when you hire out the moving of the furniture and truck, let alone if you try to do everything yourself.

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Scottsdale Movers has spent years becoming the best residential and commercial movers in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. We offer exceptional and complete moving services for local, non-local, and interstate moves for everything from houses to apartments to businesses. Our mission is to relieve you of the myriad difficulties and hassle of planning and executing your own move so that you can relax and pay close attention to all the other details that will challenge you during your move.

When you are looking for reliable, friendly, service-oriented movers to help you with your complicated transition, you can trust Scottsdale Movers to go the extra mile to make your relocation easy, worry-free, affordable, and fast. While handling your precious belongings with expert caution and care, our trained, certified, and insured team will get you on the move in no time. If you live in or around the Scottsdale area, we are your trusted moving contractors.

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Residential Movers

Moving houses is a highly resource absorptive process. From the initial house hunting to working with a real estate or rental agency to either purchase or rent a new place, to getting ready to pack and move, you can spend a lot of valuable time, energy, and money planning and organizing before you’ve even begun to lift a finger moving things onto the moving vehicle. If you are lucky, you have the right-sized trucks, vans, and enough friends to help you with the several days or weeks of work that it takes to pack, load up, drive, unload, and take occupancy of your new space.

One of the most helpful benefits of working with a company like Scottsdale Movers is that we can be a part of any or all of the processes to help get you moved. From the initial packing with bubble wrap, plastic wrap, boxes, and labeling your possessions, we can be involved in any way you require. When it comes to moving day, we send a 3-4 person team depending on the size and scope of your move and items to move. Our highly trained and experienced team will relieve you of having to call in your family and friends to move heavy furniture for you.

We can even help to unload your belongings into your new home or place the labeled boxes into the correct rooms for unloading while you stay behind at your old place to clean. If you are moving out of state, we can refer you to cleaning companies that can do the move out clean up after we all leave for your new home. No matter how much or little you want us to be involved, we have affordable pricing to accommodate your needs.

Residential Moving

Commercial Movers

Moving your office or retail business even across town can be a huge chore. Your employees are not often up for the challenge and resent having to help out when such moving is required, which means you are likely stuck doing it all by yourself with the help of a few family members or friends. Your business cannot run smoothly if it takes you days or weeks to move, so it has to be done in a timely manner so that you can get back to work. Downtime can really drain your finances, so it’s important to finish the job and get moved into your new space. That’s where we come in to save the day.

When it comes to moving a business, there is always either expensive retail inventory and/or heavy office furniture to move, so it can be challenging to accomplish without a skilled moving team to support you. Whether you have delicate glass display cases, huge warehouse inventories in crates, or bulky furniture and unwieldy items that need moving, we have the tools, equipment and experience to handle the toughest of tasks. From large hand trucks and wheel carts to huge, well maintained moving trucks, to bungees and ropes for securing heavy and expensive items on the truck, we will always go above and beyond to make sure your items are packed, stored, loaded and unloaded all without damage.

Being an insured and licensed contractor means that we are always covered to ensure that accidents do not become a liability to you. Our movers are equipped with proper garb and gear to ensure their safety as well. They are fit, fast, and cautious to handle both heavy and fragile items. Balancing the need for speed with the highest quality of safety precautions, your move will be smooth and stress-free when you choose the most professional moving company in the area. Working with Scottsdale Movers will be the best decision you have made during your planning process.

Commercial Moving

Apartment Movers

Apartment moving can be even more challenging than single-family house moving. There are usually multiple stories to navigate with stairs or elevators, not to mention the narrow hallways and stairwells. There are always parking issues with getting the truck close to the apartment, with traffic such as UPS trucks and fellow neighbors to dodge. You have to be extra patient and prepared to move the moving van to accommodate them all. It can take a lot of extra time and muscle to accomplish an apartment move on your own.

You can always tell who are your real friends when it comes time to relocate. Leaving your apartment move to your friends is hazardous at worst and burdensome at least. But why put them through all that? Time to call in the professionals. No matter what kind of heavy belongings you may own, we have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to make sure that nothing is damaged along the way, including your friendships! When you hire Scottsdale Movers to masterfully execute your next apartment move, your friends can help with moral support and lunch grabs while you leave the heavy lifting and back-breaking work to the insured, expert moving team.

Apartment Moving


Full-Service Solution

Furniture Movers

It’s possible that you have the trucks and friends to accomplish your move, but you need some support in moving just the heavy stuff. Bulky or cumbersome furniture can be hard to get through doors and onto the truck and you’d be wise to take advantage of expert movers to make it happen. Whether you have a huge sectional sofa that weighs a ton, or a king-sized mattress and box springs, or heavy gym equipment and recreational items to move, we can take the burden off of your shoulders.

No matter what kind of belongings you may own, we can make the job easier and safer for you and your friends. Don’t risk a back injury to handle your guest room sofa bed yourself. Don’t risk damaging your washer and dryer or refrigerator by trying to move them alone. This is what we do best. Let us take the wheel on this one so that you can rest easy knowing that all your expensive possessions will get to their destination as safely as you do.

Furniture Movers

Safe Movers

Home lockable safes are extremely heavy and unwieldy to move, especially when they are filled with things like armory supplies, gold and silver, and precious family heirlooms that need to be protected. It takes a special kind of skill and a lot of muscle to get those tough tasks done without damage to your things or to your body. At Scottsdale Movers, we have a long history of helping families to move even the heaviest of items from home to home.

A piano is likewise considered to be a difficult item to move without damage happening to it. It can be large, heavy, awkward, and risky to try to move on your own. Pianos are also very delicate, with moving parts to protect. Your piano may have been a very expensive purchase for your child or parent or it may have been a family heirloom that has an even greater sentimental value than its monetary one.

Making sure your safe or piano gets moved professionally can be the best way to protect it from damage. Securing it in the moving truck is a science all its own, as it cannot break loose and cause damage to other things in the truck. The last thing you want is to have it get scratched or irreparably scarred in the process. Call on your trusted Scottsdale Moving Company can mean the difference between getting it there or getting it there safely. No matter what kind of heavy items you may have, we have the skill to handle them.

Safe Movers

Why Choose Scottsdale Movers?

Choosing the right moving company with which to work can be challenging. There are so many companies listed on the internet these days all claiming to be the best. Yet, sometimes they do not have the skills to do the most challenging of moves. You can’t always rely on what you read on the internet about any given moving contractor. How do you know if they have the expertise to help? So how do you know which one to trust? Start by calling all of them.

Are they responsive, friendly, and affordable? Do they have great references and reviews on social media? Are they listed with high ratings with the Better Business Bureau? Are they licensed, bonded, and insured? Do they quote accurate and complete rates for all their services? Or are there hidden charges involved that will add up to real money at the end of the project? Will they help with packing, cleaning, and moving all the big stuff? These are all the right questions to ask when you are making your decision on which company to hire.

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Stress-Free Moving

At Scottsdale Movers, we consider ourselves to be experts and we can back that up with real testimonials. Our first priority is to be customer service oriented to serve you to our highest capacity every time. Our business relies on word of mouth and social media reviews, so we take our reputation very seriously by providing only the most professional, expert moving services in the business.

We consider ourselves to be fully equipped, hands-on, and dedicated to providing superior service with each and every move for all of our customers. When you hire the best professional moving company in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, we can get you across town or across the country in no time flat. You will be so relieved to be able to rely on trustworthy contractors that care about you and your belongings.

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Reach out to us today and we can give you a comprehensive and free, no-obligation quote to get you started. We can offer you a few moving checklists to compile all of your special possessions so that our quote is accurate and complete. We can refer you to any peripheral services that you may need such as move out or move in cleaning, or even piano tuning companies to help get your instrument back in shape to play in your new home.

We will always go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Our goal is to take the burden off of your shoulders so that you arrive at your new home without the backache and headache of moving yourself alone. You can count on us to get you and your belongings to your new home safely and securely, without mishaps and mistakes. When you work with the best, you can expect the best with Scottsdale Movers. Call or email us today and let’s get you moving!

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